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Apple tablet predictions for 27 Jan

Since I am an Apple user and all the sites I go to are writing about it, here are my predictions/wishlist for the iBook, 10″ multi-media book.

– Name: iBook, already owned by Apple, describes what it will be and fits with the current naming conventions. Much more obvious that the iSlate, Table, etc. It would be funny to think that Apple, by simply registering the iSlate name and leaking it at the right time, managed to get competitors at CES to name all their devices Slates. Then Apply could come out with an iBook. I suspect there will be as much difference between the Microsoft offering and Apples as the clay table/slate and a modern book as a reading and usability experience.
– Size: 7-10 inches paperback book sized and a touch thicker then the iPhone. It’s not like Apple to produce a case, so the unibody will have to be robust enough to live in a briefcase, handbag and being thrown around.
– Screen: 720p OLED with multitouch, maybe more, I don’t think it will be widescreen proportions.
– 10+ hour battery life, hopefully more, but an end of a day charge is normal now and it will last 1000+ cycles.
– wifi with a option to use 3G for data, possibly used as a phone with headphones and mic, but unlikely. Ideally tethered to the iPhone, if you’re really stuck. Can the iPhone companies really stop Apple if they choose to release the feature in software?
– user facing camera for videoconferencing, no camera on the back. A great way for on the move communications on wifi.
– new safari without flash
– amazing reader app
— multimedia book/magazine/presentation format; with sdk and templates for Keynote, Pages, iMovie; publish to iTunes like slideshare
— magazine/newspaper subscription feed like podcasts but with billing
— 70/30 cost split for publishers. They will do for the small author what apps have done for the developer, they can make the lulu.commodel work. Big name authors wanting cash advances will still use the publishing houses, but those publishing houses will be producing multi-media books for that money.
– new simpler UI specifically to the tablet and screen size. This is what Apple do best integrate the whole end to end experience, and tune it.
– will run most iPhone apps probably with a recompile with the new iPhone sdk, in an emulation window with the option to double the size due to the higher screen density. With 100K+ apps, this is a no brainer move, and protects the investment of customers, tying them tighter. Apple APIs for core text fonts will scale to different screen densities.
– new tablet sdk, based on a mix of iPhone and OS X. Lots of iPhone and Mac developers will be over this
— still single app at a time. Performance and smoothness of operation will still be a priority.
— multiple screens for reading or browsing, like the existing iPhone safari.
– good mix of starting application with great UI. email, calendar, notes, map, photos, reader, safari, iPod, a few new ones
– touch keyboard like the iPhone for casual use, will not allow bluetooth connectivity to a real keyboard

Who is going to use it?
Everyone and everywhere, or Apple will not release it. They are going to go for the biggest possible market for this device. It will be good enough for 80% of what most people use their laptops, with the none of the hassle. On trains and planes most people are in read only mode with their laptops, with maybe a little bit of email. People who don’t like computers at all will have a simple way to access the internet, with other uses. Students can have all of their books with them all of the time, and able to capture notes. It will push mobile gaming further along. For most it could for some replace the laptop, but focused as a book/magazine replacement, I don’t think it will compete with a laptop. For the people who don’t read books, it will have interactive magazines, papers, how-to guides, guidebook, and more as outlets will have wifi and push content to it.
The classic challenge was – “Is this device just good enough to read when you go to the john?”, but imagine a day when you have access to every magazine you ever bought, without the piles of them everywhere, including the john, marked with the articles you found interesting, with links to online website or cross references to other articles and books. More eco friendly too.
The laptop will become main computer on the move, with enough power now to do photo and video processing, with the iMac if you prefer with that great 27″ screen which a laptop can never compete with. It will give everyone else a simpler way of taking the stuff they need on the move.

It could be very close to the hitchhiker guide to the universe book for around £500-600.

If, Apple actually have this event on the 27th and it is about the tablet and not iPhone 4th gen, I think it will be most of the above and packaged as only Apple can, which will add the extra 20%, that will leave others wondering how they catch up. Of course if they don’t release at least this much then their stock will drop…

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  1. Have you had a look at ADAM from Notion Ink?

    Interesting device, I believe it has some interesting features you are looking for.

  2. Hello Fellow Blogger, I am writing from Sydney, Australia. Thanks so much for the thoughtful article. It helped me a lot with my college social studies assignment 🙂

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